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Tarkan is the turkish artist that has sold the most albums in Turkey and in Europe. His music has the exotic touch of typical Middle-East rythms and the modern touch of pop, rock and dance. This well balanced mix has been the key to his success. Although he sings in turkish, the allure of the songs and his sensual and charming voice have conquered the hearts of the whole world. This is proof that music is the universal language because a melody can inspire love, desire, happiness or sorrow, even if you can't understand the lyrics.

Unlike some artists that just sing what others compose, Tarkan had a classical music education, so he can compose his own songs and be deeply involved in the creation of his albums. He studied at the Karamürsel conservatory, under the guidance of the great turkish masters.

Tarkan was born in Germany and lived there until he was 14; it was a shock for him to return to Turkey, a country with a traditional society, in spite of its efforts to westernize. He tries to modernize his country with the help of his music, without losing its cultural identity.

Tarkan wants every album to be perfect. Great turkish artists and composers like Sezen Aksu (the queen of turkish pop) have helped Tarkan to create beautiful songs. And the production of each album takes hard work. This is the reason sometimes his albums take a long time before they are released, however, it's worth the wait.



Since the beginning of his career, Tarkan has released five albums. The first three (Yine Sensiz, Aacayipsin, Ölürüm Sana) had great success in Turkey. The fourth (named after him, "Tarkan") contains his best songs from his previous albums, and was created specially to be released in international markets such as Europe, Asia, the United States, and Latin America. The last one (Karma) has just been released on August 2001. Here you'll find more info about each of his albums, each one a masterpiece on its own. You'll also find the lyrics and translation of the songs. And if you are interested in learning how to read turkish, click on Turkish Pronunciation.




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